Questions and Answers

Here for the first time? Download the instructions for getting started and for registering in the new partner portal here.

Are you new to our company?

Then we look forward to your registration. After checking your data, you will receive an e-mail from us containing your welcome link. With this you can choose your password and log in to our new MPG Optische Werke Glas webshop.

Where can I find the registration?

You can find the registration directly on the login page of our webshop.


You already have an MPG Optical Works account?

Then we look forward to seeing you again in our new webshop. You can log in as usual with your existing access data (e-mail address and password) at. Please change your password after the first login in the new store.


Passwort Ändern

Alternatively, you can use the "Forgot password" function. You can find it directly on the login page.

Passwort ändern Anmeldeseite

How do I configure and order a lense in the new webshop?

We are happy to assist you as usual in configuring and ordering your lense with our lense configurator.

You can find the lense configurator under the "Products" tab as well as directly on the start page of your webshop. You can also create the lense configurator as a shortcut - instructions on how to do this can be found in the "Special features - Shortcuts" chapter.

Zum Glaskonfigurator

Zum Glaskonfigurator 2

What are the contents of the lense configurator?

You configure the different areas in the lense configurator to get your individual lense. Starting with your customer's recipe data, you are guided to your possible lense selection.


Here you can also search for a specific lense directly via the EDP code. The search can be performed both via the actual code (series of numbers) or the product name e.g. 091811 MPO s-Life 1.5 consists of the product code 091811 and the product name MPO s-Life 1.5. In this area you can also define the color as well as additional options.

By the way: When entering the desired product names in the EDP code in the lense selection area, you can also define your own lense favorites. By clicking on the star next to the product name, your selection will also be saved for future orders. By clicking on the star again, you can reset the selection.

Glasauswahl zurücksetzen

After selecting the lense, you will be taken to the individual data. If there are no individual parameters for your selected lense, this area can also be empty.

Once you have filled in these three mandatory areas (recipe data, lense selection and individual data), you can place your configured lense in the shopping cart and order it.

As an option, there is also the fourth area "Form data & calculation". Here you can choose between standard shape, shape database and trace shape. You can use the calculation to calculate and compare the center-thickness-optimized vs. noncenter-thickness-optimized version of your lense order.

Under the lense configurator you will find an overview that is always currently filled with the values you entered and calculates the price. The price refers to your list price; further individually agreed conditions are taken into account during order processing. Furthermore, you will see the RRP recommended by us for the lense you have configured.

konfigurierte Glasübersicht

How do I configure and order a complete pair of lensees in the new webshop?

The entry to configure a complete pair of lensees always takes place via the "Frame" detail area. You will find your frame options in the "Products - Complete lensees" tab. You also have the option to pre-filter your frames, which you can find in the "Brands" tab as well as in the "Products" tab. For example, you can pre-filter by brands or products such as Vienna Design, children's frames, metal frames, etc.

Komplettbrille Konfigurieren

After you have decided on a frame that you would like to configure as a complete pair of lensees, you can select the complete lensees option via the details. This can either be an already defined complete lensees package (frame + lens selection + price) or an individual complete lensees (frame plus lens pair, which is configured by you in the lens configurator). As soon as you have selected your complete spectacle option, you will enter the lens configurator, where you configure the lens for your end customer as usual (prescription data, options, etc.). In the overview of the lens configurator you can always see the frame you have selected.

Details Komplettbrille

Details Komplettbrille 2

Details Komplettbrille 3


Where can I find my orders in the new webshop?

Under "My account" you will find all your orders that you have placed via the webshop or other ways (customer service, LL3, field service, etc.). To facilitate your search, you can limit the time period or search for a specific order number

By expanding the order you can view details of the order. At this point you can also trigger an Easy Rekla.

Bestellungen finden

Where can I find my invoices in the new webshop?

You can find your invoices under "My account". Navigate to your invoices - there you can see all your invoices, limit the period as well as download the invoice as a PDF.


How do I set my shortcuts in the new webshop?

On the Home page, you will find a Shortcuts section to help you get to your favorite areas faster. Click the Edit Shortcuts pencil to add or remove different shortcuts. By clicking on the area, you decide which areas should be shown on the home page. The black areas are the shortcuts you selected. Please go to "save" after making your selection.

Shortcuts einstellen

Shortcuts einstellen 2

Where can I find my merchandise / POS material in the new webshop?

You can find your merchandise in the "Products - POS material" tab. You can put the selected merchandise directly into the shopping cart and edit the quantity there.

Handelswaren finden

Where can I find my marketing materials in the new webshop?

You can find your marketing documents under the "Marketing" tab. Navigate to the section you want and download their documents, images and videos directly.

Marketing Materialien finden